How to be broke and vegan

„walk towards the

good in life and

one day you will


I woke up and he asked me if I like my coffee black. Instinctively I shouted into the kitchen that I would like to have it with a little milk. „Only if you like rice milk“ he replied, „that’s the only milk I’ve got“. Ten minutes later I in bed with my coffee and watched his lips forming the words, trying to tell me that living plant based, to sum it up, is good for all of us.

The minute I came back home I looked into my fridge and decided that I’ll try to live vegan, just like for a month. Now I’m sitting here, 3 months later with my soy chai latte still living the plant based life. I fell in love with it. I fell in love with exploring that new way of living. I replaced House of Cards with documentaries, my novels with nonfiction books about plants, animals and even connected to political aspects. It wasn’t hard for me and in the end nothing really changed except for me seeing the world from another point of view , my recently achieved understanding for more people and groups  out there and most of all the way I’m cooking and doing my grocery shopping.

The question I get asked the most is: „Isn’t it fucking expensive to be vegan?“ People ask me this question on a daily basis and after logging all my expenses for 3 months I have to admit, that being vegan is actually cheaper than my life before.  I have a lot of friends that want to become vegan but still fear not being able to handle the expenses because they are still studying but with a few hacks this lifestyle will be the cheapest and tastiest ever. I promise you 🙂

Farmers‘ Market instead of supermarket

I used to go grocery shopping every two days at the nearest supermarket. In a week I spent around 50-70  € just for me. I didn’t buy any expensive or super fancy products, maybe once in a while. When I entered the supermarket for the first time as a „vegan“ I was staggered by the oversupply products that had were marked as vegan. I never ever noticed them before. Unfortunately they are and will ever be  super expensive (for a student). Within a second it was clear that I needed to change my purchasing behaviour  haha. Since this day I’m going to the farmers market (Maybach Ufer) twice a week. I’m always trying to be there right in time before they close because right at this time they give you everything for literally nothing! Just a little example: I get 10 Mangos for 2€ or 5 Avocados for 1€  or what about 5 cucumbers for 0,5€? Market time is now my favourite time in the week, I’m always excited to go there haha. To sum it up, I’m spending 13-20€ at the market in a week. Just for all my vegetables, fruits and nuts. Can’t get any healthier, cheaper or more delicious don’t you reckon? (and you will make a lot of new friends if you’re open for a small talk)

Be flexible and save money

I literally skipped the normal supermarket. After having everything from the market at home I only need a few things like milk, oats or my beloved pasta from there. I have to admit that I fell in love with „Veganz“. Everything there is vegan so you don’t have to spend 10 minutes reading all the ingredients to realize that you can not consume this product. Another reason is the packaging of the products, why is everything there so fucking beautiful? That makes me wanna buy eeeeeeeeverything 😦 (Marketing always gets me lol) Whatever here is my hack: go there without your grocery list and just search for the products that are about to expire in a few days and are that for 50-90% cheaper . They all have a huge red label so it’s super easy to find them. I always do that. When I’m home I’m typing in the name of the product in Pintrest and search for a suitable recipe. In a week I spend here about 10-15€ and get the most delicious stuff I’ve ever had!

You will arrive

At the end of the week I never spend more than 40€ for all of my food! And I’m cooking everyday at home. I’m having a huge breakfast, a smoothie as a snack, everyday a different salad and everyday a different dinner. Who ever is going to tell me that being vegan is too expensive is lying. 🙂 You just have to make the good fit your circumstances. If you really want it, there is always a way. Sometimes it just takes some time to figure out how to do it.

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I like poems. Museums. Real conversations. Genuine people. Fantasies. I like stories. Intimacy. I like soul. I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things and the world becomes blurry.

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