Forgive yourself x Roamers

Forgive yourself for the times you wanted someone more than they wanted you.
Forgive yourself for the times you settled for a settlement you didn’t deserve because you didn’t want to lose someone you cared about and you wanted to be the bigger person.
Forgive yourself for the times you went after someone people told you to stay away from because they didn’t understand your heart and they didn’t understand you.
Forgive yourself for the times you broke your own heart by loving people who were wrong for you. Forgive yourself for believing there was more to them and for putting them on a pedestal they didn’t deserve.
Forgive yourself for the times you thought you could fix someone or try to change someone by loving them and giving more than you’re receiving.
But instead of blaming yourself for trying, applaud yourself for believing in love. For having hope.
Don’t be sad, be proud.
Be proud of yourself for taking a chance, for doing something that scared you, for making the first move, for telling someone how you felt, for opening up to someone and for trying to win someone’s heart.
Be proud of yourself for trusting your gut and following your heart even if it wasn’t the right direction.
Be proud of yourself for being fearless when it comes to love — because love will always favor the brave, the ones who try, the ones who get heartbroken but still believe.
So forgive yourself for the times you forgot your worth, because you wouldn’t have known your worth any other way. You wouldn’t have realized what you really deserve if you weren’t put in situations that reminded you of what you don’t deserve.
Every heartbreak is a lesson for you not to settle.

Every heartbreak is a reminder that you deserve so much more.


Lost myself at Roamers

I woke up on this sunday morning, opened half asleep my balkony door and fell back into my cozy sheets and the loving arms waiting there for me. This morning i was watching the clouds passing by waiting for the sun to come out for the last time this year. As soon as she appeared i hopped on my scooter and went all the way to Neukölln to try out a new restaurant (sunday tradition). I could loose myself trying to describe how beautiful this place and the food is. I haven’t had such a tasty avocado bread since my travels to indonesia. The staff definitely made this place even better. They were singing along all the time and the most friendly staff eeeeeever. Please just go there and make your own experience. Only recommendation, try to go there after 5pm or not on a sunday if you wanna enjoy the time completely. Otherwise it’s super packed and loud.

Don’t think twice, try it out.

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I like poems. Museums. Real conversations. Genuine people. Fantasies. I like stories. Intimacy. I like soul. I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things and the world becomes blurry.

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