Koh Phangan: 5 Reasons why it’s the best Island for Foodies

1. eat co. bruncherie

Honestly, our absolute favorite place. I do not like routine and I normally would never ever visit a Restaurant twice on a holiday but eat.co bruncherie changed the game. The first day I ate gluten free waffles in Healthy(ish) with fruit chunks, coconut yogurt, granola, chia jam. It got me so hooked that I had to come back the next day to eat it again. The coffee has also been amazing and everything else we got to try too. Smoothie Bowls, Vegan Cheese Salad and much more.


2. House of Hummus

A tiny little place that will let your hummus-heart beat three times faster. On the menu you’ll find self-made hummus, falafel and a huge variety of sandwiches and salads. The portions are all perfect size and come with a very reasonable price. The shakes are also all made out of locally fresh fruits and you can watch the owner making your dish. When it is full moon you can get a free body painting here.


3. Bubba’s Coffee & Co.

Bubba’s Roastery opened in 2018 they offer an artisanal coffee experience and wholesome food options. Bubba’s Roastery is the islands first speciality coffee roastery. They have free cupping’s every week go try them out! The cafe holds a perfect atmosphere for working and developing new positive connections and friendships with travellers and the entire island community.


4. Karma Coffee

Homemade, organic, cruelty-free, plant-based, gluten-free, vegan, delicious, but a little bit overpriced for the island. It’s the perfect spot to chill and calm down for hours. Portions are rather small than really satisfying but still worth it. The vegan Malibu sushi was awesome.

5. The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is not only the perfect place for a cleansing week or yoga retreat but also for delicious clean and RAW food. They sample traditional Thai cuisine and scrumptious vegetarian dishes from around the world. They also bake a selection of fresh cakes and whole-meal bread daily. No M.S.G. or preservatives are used! The Sanctuary also offers a comprehensive raw cleansing menu of dishes that are suitable for pre and post-fast diets, and tasty enough to be enjoyed by everyone. Besides all of that they have the best place for sunset on Koh Phangan and the beautiful swing.

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I like poems. Museums. Real conversations. Genuine people. Fantasies. I like stories. Intimacy. I like soul. I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things and the world becomes blurry.

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